White tie

Book fitting

White tie is the most formal of all dress codes. It is specified for highly special occasions, such as balls, galas, conferment ceremonies and weddings. White tie can be replaced by dark suit, but never with tuxedo. When choosing a tailcoat for a white tie ensemble, be sure that it fits appropriately, sitting well without feeling too tight against your waistcoat. The shoulders should also fit well while allowing for movement. Sleeves should finish at the wrist bones, flashing a small section of your shirt cuffs, while tails should end at or above the backs of your knees. Accessories needed with white tie is white shirt, white waistcoat, white bow tie, suspenders, gold / pearl stud buttons for shirt, gold/pearl cufflinks, white square shaped handkerchief and patent leather shoes. For academic occasions black vest should be worn with non shiny shoes.


  • WHITE TIE TURO slim fit / normal ( regular fit ),135 € + alterations.

  • PROM WEEKS /  189 € + alterations

  • Group discount : 3 or more 121,50 € + alterations

  • Group discounts are not valid on prom weeks, conferment ceremony weeks, nor for the independence day festivities.

  • Student discount -10% will be given from the rental package. Offer is not valid for the group prices, and not valid during the prom weeks, conferment weeks, nor 6.12. festivities.

    Same day and the following day deliveries have a rush cost 20,00 €.


  • TURO - frakki 829 € slim fit/ 100% villa

  • TAILOR -frakki 535 € slim fit / normaali ( regular fit) 45% wool, 50% polyester, 5% lycra.