If the invitation card indicates a dress code, i.e. dress etiquette, it should always be followed. At official banquets, dress etiquette is usually indicated.

Etiquette also often makes it easier to choose a suitable suit. A man's formal dress also determines a woman's dress. The solemnity of a woman's outfit and the length of the hem are determined by the time of the start of the celebration. We are happy to help you choose the right suit for the occasion from our store.



When the invitation card says formal dress or white tie, it means tailcoat. The tailcoat is used, for example, at the Independence Day reception of the President of the Republic, at conferment ceremonies, weddings and large dinners. A tailcoat can be "replaced" with a dark suit (not for academic events, but not for a tuxedo). The accessories of the tailcoat are white and the shoes are black patent leather. For academic day orders, a black tailcoat vest is used. The collar twists of the jacket are silky and the trousers have silk sidebands. The vest should be visible in front 1-2 cm from under the jacket.

The woman's outfit is a full-length dress for a big celebration made of festive material. It can be open, strapless and have a wide or narrow line.



When the invitation card says evening dress, tuxedo or black tie, it is a tuxedo. A tuxedo is an evening dress that is worn after 6 pm at dinners, dinners and nowadays also as a wedding outfit. The most popular tuxedo in terms of collar is the shawl-collared model. According to etiquette, the tuxedo includes a black tie. Accessories can also be colorful, but in that case, all accessories (tie and handkerchief) should be the same color. With a tuxedo, a black or colored bow tie and tuxedo belt are used as an addition to a traditional tuxedo shirt. Black patent leather shoes are worn with a tuxedo.

A woman's evening dress is a one- or two-piece evening dress made of festive material. Can be short or long evening dress.



The sack is used for daytime events before 6 pm. The popularity of saket as a wedding outfit has also grown. The outfit includes a black jacket, gray vest, tuxedo shirt, trousers with black and gray stripes, matte black leather shoes. A festive scarf-like plastron is used as a tie. A grey top hat, grey gloves and a walking stick are suitable for Saket.

A woman is recommended a dress, a festive jacket-dress combination.