Boys' prom outfit

One of the highlights of high school is guaranteed to be senior dances, when you get to wear a stylish party dress. Boys can choose a suit of their choice from the men's party suit options for their senior dance attire; The suit can be a tailcoat, a tuxedo, a jacket or a special festive suit. You can also get all the accessories suitable for party dresses from us.Party shoes are not included in our rental packages, but they can be rented separately at a low price of €30/pair.


White tie  - complete €189 + alterations

Tuxedo - complete €139 / €190 + alterations

Morning coat - complete €150 / €170 / €200 / €220 + alterations

Party Suit - complete €190 + alterations

Party shoes €30 (Not included in the rental package - to be rented separately)

The reservation fee is half of the rental price, the rest must be paid at the latest when applying for the suit. The rental period is about a week.

Although the dances are only in February, the rental of costumes starts already in mid-August, right when schools start.

Group discounts are not valid during senior dance weeks.